Tandoori Flames featured in Weekend Notes

Flamin’ good Indian at Tandoor Flames Restaurant in the West

On a stormy Saturday evening we walked down Barkly St, looking for a fine Indian restaurant called ‘Tandoori Flames.’ As we continued along from middle Footscray, it dawned on us that we might be looking for a lonely Indian restaurant in the heart of the West. However, we were relieved and excited when we discovered a small shopping strip in West Footscray. We found the restaurant tucked among numerous lit up restaurants and cafes, most of which were mainly serving Indian cuisine.

The restaurant was decked out comfortably, with welcoming leather benches alongside the walls, dark wooden tables and a bar down the back. Initially the music that filled the room created a relaxed ambience. It wasn’t a small space – and come 8pm the restaurant started to fill up with groups of local friends and families sharing meals and beverages.

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